Spectral Audio Offers World Class Electronic Components for Music Reproduction

HD Design Group is proud to be an exclusive dealer for Spectral Audio's line of innovative audio electronics and components. Spectral Audio's technology includes:


  • DMC-30SV Reference Preamplifier
  • DMC-30SC Reference Preamplifier
  • DMA-240 Stereo Reference Amplifier
  • DMA-260 S2 Stereo Reference Amplifier
  • DMA-300 Stereo Reference Standard
  • DMA-400 Monaural Reference Standard
  • Analog Component Archive


  • SDR-4000SL Reference CD Processor
  • Digital Component Archive


  • Ultralinear Interconnects
  • Ultralinear Speaker Cables


We invite you to listen to Spectral Audio's line of amplifiers and preamps in HD Design Group's world class audio showroom in Denver, Colorado.

Spectal Audio's DMA-400 achieves its unmatched clarity and resolution from a combination of breakthrough innovations. Their hefty construction and advanced manufacturing processes create a substantial and very fast device that is free of thermal tail and memorialization of error issues. These new devices can operate over a wide range of voltages and currents while being capable of excellent gain linearity, quickness and ability to amplify very high frequencies. Spectral philosophy of inherently fast - low stress audio amplification to achieve ultimate resolution and accuracy. When instantaneous waveform accuracy is achieved at parts-per-million, the listening experience can become most detailed, transparent and involving. Our search for superior amplification devices led us to recent discrete semiconductors intended for premium television and computer displays.

We invite you to visit HD Design Group at our Denver, Colorado showroom and experience the amazing fidelity of Spectral Audio products first hand as well as the absolute best in a home audio amplifiers, preamplifiers, acoustical room design and audio technology to be found in Denver.