Legacy Audio Stereo Speakers

HD Design Group is proud to offer Legacy Audio Stereo Speakers .

Legacy Audio stereo speakers are multiple award winning speaker manufacture with a wide range of speakers for both home audio systems and home theater systems.

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World Class, high fidelity performance for your home movie theater or home audio system is available at affordable prices with unbelievable quality.

Pro-Audio Steerable Arrays

Legacy Audio Steerable Arrays deliver full frequency range, powerful sound that is both detailed and even throughout the listening area. Utilizing special algorithms and the latest in digital and driver design technologies, the Wavelaunch Array will fill up theater size spaces with powerful sound effects and scores, the way they were meant to be heard. The result- the ideal listening experience for all seats in the theater..

Pro-Audio Subwoofers

Legacy Professional Audio Subwoofers are high performance speakers capable of high SPL levels and deep low end extension below the range of human hearing. When paired with Legacy main speakers, they become the anchor of world class sound systems.

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The best seat in the house ... your seat. Legacy Audio provides unique solutions for live stereo sound and permanent audio installation including giant screen cinemas, sanctuaries and other venues. As a pioneer in DSP applications, Legacy has developed an arsenal of acoustic solutions to provide wide frequency response with unprecedented directivity control. Legacy loudspeakers and steerable arrays reproduce all of the acoustic information - from the most delicate musical passage to the loudest explosion, the systems deliver a powerful audio experience that can be enjoyed in every seat in the room.

Legacy Audio Professional Loudspeakers are designed to deliver the ultimate in high performance. From the sleek Skyline series and Theater Towers to the raw power of The Beast and The Wall- these speakers can either blend in to their surroundings or become the center of attention.

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