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February 21, 2018
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HD Design Group To Launch Retail Specialty Audio & Theater Boutique And Professional Consultancy June 2019 For The Music & Film Enthusiasts In The US Market

HD Design Group News!

HD Design Group is a Brand and DBA of its parent High Definition Audio & Video founded in 1998. HDDG was branded as HDAVs offering grew over the years beyond that of just Audio and Video services. HDDG has earned a national and international reputation for its portfolio of Interior, Architectural and technology design services in the boutique niche of commercial and custom residential entertainment environments specifically. As the companies design services have evolved into a formal design firm it has been decided to separate  the boutique offering of Audio and Theater retail services from its portfolio into a very focused and special brand offering that will be launched and open to the public in June of 2019. This very special and focused audio and theater offering will be based on twenty years of consultative practice that has been proven and trusted by clients across the US and International markets.

HD Fine Audio & Theater has spent an enormous amount resources in searching out and building formal relationships with technology partners from around the world. This carefully selected offering cannot be matched by any other retail offering in the US market and or International. The virtuoso and exclusive family of technology partners will only be available from our boutique in the Rocky Mountain Region of the USA. The carefully selected and elite  blend of technology/instruments has been chosen for its synergy and incredible performance  for one purpose alone; the finest reproduction of Music and Film available in the US market and beyond. We have never been more excited to share our life long passion for music and film with our family of clients and now all music and film lovers.

We invite you to call now for an appointment starting June 1st 2019 to find out how together we can bring an incredible music and film experience into your entertainment environment that you will want to share with your community of family, friends and clients.

For The Joy of Music & Film!

HD Fine Audio & Theater