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October 7, 2017
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Discover Paradigm Loudspeakers

HD Design Group is proud to represent Paradigm Speakers for the Denver market and beyond. Paradigm is the speaker company on the leading edge of audio innovation. Paradigm is a Canadian loudspeaker and award-winning manufacturer dedicated to creating original, handcrafted speakers and audio products that backed by advance scientific research.


Paradigm has several lines of high-end speakers sound as beautiful as they look. Persona® is a showcase of vanguard materials and Paradigm’s most advanced audio technologies, all entirely Crafted in Canada.

HD Design Group only works with the best in audio technology and products which provide superior value and world class audio experiences. When trying to put it into words… audio experts describe the top end is finely detailed, yet silky smooth, the image focus and spacial location is exceptional and the low end is tight and powerful. The midrange frequencies of the 5F speakers are easily the best of any speaker I have had in my home thus far. I cannot imagine a loudspeaker with more midrange clarity; simply put…they are superb.  Paradigm’s speakers consistently projected a wonderfully open, detailed, effortless top end capable of communicating vast amounts of space, balance, drive — and, inevitably, emotion.

But you should really hear it for yourself!

If we’re talking about Paradigm loudspeakers we’ve got to at least mention Beryllium – a rare chemcial element with low mass, high tensile strength and high thermal stability. This material offers excellent characteristics for loudspeaker technology since its incredibly rigid and lightweight; everything an audio engineer desires in a speaker cone.

According to Paradigm…
One of the keys to Persona’s luxury and value is our use of Beryllium, the absolute best diaphragm material, typically found only in speakers costing considerably more. Persona uses Truextent® Pure Beryllium that is specially formulated to be exponentially stiffer and significantly lighter than other premium diaphragm materials. It enables superior transient response and virtual transparency, with vanishingly low audible coloration.

HD Design Group invites you to visit our Denver Showroom and experience what a truly amazing work of technology and craftsmanship that Paradigm Speakers have to offer.

While you’re at it we can demo some of our world class lines of amplifiers, turntables and other home audio equipment!


Call HD Design Group and discuss your home audio project or set up an appointment at our Denver Showroom with one of our expert consultants and see how we can help you!

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