February 21, 2018

Discover Legacy Audio – Stereo Loudspeakers

HD Design Group is proud to represent Legacy Audio’s Pro-Audio line of High Fidelity Stereo Speakers for the Denver market and beyond. Legacy provides unique solutions for live sound and permanent audio installation including giant screen cinemas, sanctuaries and other venues. As a pioneer in DSP applications, Legacy Audio has developed an arsenal of acoustic solutions to provide wide frequency response with unprecedented directivity control. Legacy loudspeakers and steerable arrays reproduce all of the acoustic information – from the most delicate musical passage to the loudest explosion, the systems deliver a powerful audio experience that can be enjoyed in every seat in the room. The Ultimate in High Performance – High Fidelity Home Stereo Speakers Legacy Audio has several lines of world class, high-end speakers sound […]
February 1, 2016

Denver Home Theater Design

HD Design Group specializes in Home Theater Design for home owners in Denver and across the country. We recently completed a wonderful home theater project which had a special emphasis on the audio/listening aspect as it included world class Avalon Systems speakers and Spectrum Audio amplifiers. We work with home owners, architects and custom home builders to help design, build and install the absolute best custom home theater solution that fits the home owner’s needs and budget. We help with room design, lighting, trim, carpeting, screen technology, media servers, acoustics, user control interface technology and much more! HD Design is Denver’s leading custom Home Theater Design Build solution provider. The HD Design Group’s HYBRID – World Class Audio & Home Theater Combined Because HD Design Group […]
January 6, 2015

World Class Home Audio

HD Design Group in Denver, Colorado is proud to represent some of the top audio equipment manufacturers in the world including Avalon Acoustics, Spectral Audio,  MIT Cables, Paradigm Persona, Rega, Unison Research, Danley, Barco and Anthem Electronics. HD Design Group’s provides the advantage of 20 years of design build experience, creating some of the most incredible listening environments possible. Our Reference Audio rooms and audio equipment will transport you into the music!