World Class Speaker Technology by AVALON ACOUSTICS

HD Design Group is proud to be an exclusive dealer for Avalon Acoustics.

Avalon has spent years of research on acoustic research and spatial transparency and has produced a design devoted to holistic precision, carefully balancing all empirical criteria without exaggeration or gimmick. The result is shockingly non-clinical with rich tonal colors and thundering dynamic contrasts that remain locked into precise focus naturally filing the spatial context of the recording. .

The IDEA represents a synthesis of our aesthetic and sonic ideals in a sleek form. Combining the classic proportions of our world renowned cabinetry with the latest technological innovations in circuit design, the IDEA will unfold and expansive presentation in even modest listening spaces, exemplifying the most sougt after characteristics of high-end audio reproduction.

We invite you to visit HD Design Group at our Denver, Colorado showroom and discover the absolute best in a home audio acoustical room design and technology. .


We invite you to listen to Avalon Acoustic speakers in HD Design Group's world class audio showroom in Denver, Colorado.

The TRANSCENDENT represents an integration of proprietary techniques developed over the last decade through Avalon Acoustic's award winning ISIS and TIME transducers. Never before has such a compact system utilized the sophisticated dynamic control technologies found exclusively in our most advanced designs. Octave to octave energy balance is equivalent throughout the bandwidth envelope and developed without compression while critically damped, thus delivering a spatial presentation that is faithful to the recording.

Denver's Source for Avalon Acoustics - High Performance Loudspeakers

HD Design Group specializes in providing the very best in audio quality, equipment and custom design audio rooms which is why we are proud to offer the amazing line of Avalon Acoustic's award winning ISIS and TIME transducers. When only the very best in audio quality matters to you...look no further. Avalon's loudspeakers will transport you deep into the music where the sound comes alive and every note of every instrument is clearly audible in the same way the musicans and producers created it and ment it to be listened to. Close your eyes and you'll be transported into a music listening experience that's as real as it gets without the musicians actually being there. NOW...combine that with the way in which HD Design Group customizes the acoustics and balances the blend of electronic components and you'll have a listening experience that is on par with the sound in top recording studios!

HD Design Group can maximize the sound quality of your home theater system with Avalon speakers and now you movies of music concerts will sound as good (if not better) than being at the show! Yes, Avalon Acoustic speakers cost a pretty penny but when only the best quality will do, they're a must have!