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HD Design Group offers specialized services such as all low voltage , lighting solutions architectural lighting for both interior and exterior projects . Audio and visual services and room acoustics expertise assisting the architects and builders on there projects as a valued partner.

HD Design Group has decades of experience of design/build industry offering great knowledge and support to the trade.

The advantange of bringing in HD Design Group as a consultant and expert on these projects is that we can seemlessly work with the design trade because we understand the process of building, design and engineering a custom home theater project as well as the other services mentioned . One of the most important things we can offer is our team of expert electricians, electronics, home theater and acoustics experts to ensure your project is delivered flawlessly, on time and on budget.

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Architects often bring in the HD Design Group to perform the design work for the home cinema on the project. Our team of experts collaborate with architects, builders and experts in electronics, acoustics, room design and and understand the complex physics, the science, and the engineering required for the design and build of a luxury home theater room and system.

Most home owners don't realize it but the room itself is the most significant component since up to 80% of the sound in a home cinema comes from the acoustics of the room and how sound interacts with the walls, floor, and ceiling. A custom home theater or audio room really needs acoustics and electronics experts to lend their experience and recomendations which often help shape the walls, electronic components, carpeting, lighting, and all the elements neccessary to create a magical enviroment which will meet the home owner's high expectations.

The Importance of Room Acoustics

Most people don't realize that the single most important factor of creating a great home theater is the room itself - not the speakers, not the equipment...but the shape of the room and how it handles sound. We use special equipment and technology to maximize the acoustic properties of the room so it provides the best listening environment possible.

As we've mentioned, every part of the home theater design plays a role on performance and cost. We can help your client with selecting seating, speaker systems, screen technology, and even recommend how rooms are built and walls are framed. We bring our extensive knowledge which can help architects and builders deliver a top flight, world-class home theater system to their client.

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